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Parking Day

Description: Alliance for a Healthy Orange County Alliance for A Healthy Orange County (AHOC) is a county-wide coalition representing fifteen health care organizations, community-based organizations, and universities whose mission is to champion policy strategies that result in enhanced health outcomes and reduced health disparities for OC residents. AHOC in partnership with OC PICH funded the Active Transportation Leadership Programs (ATLPs) in Anaheim, Garden Grove and Santa Ana, and recruited California Walks for the ATLPs in Garden Grove and Santa Ana. Active transportation, if you are not familiar, describes any “people-powered movement,” so walking, biking, rollerblading, etc. Improving active transportation infrastructure means making changes such as improving bike paths, sidewalks, and street lighting, which prioritizes the pedestrian and the bicyclist over vehicles.

As a culmination celebration for the residents that graduated from the ATLPs, each group will participate in Park(ing) Day Each city’s ATLP participants will be receiving weekly consultation (3-4 times total) from a local landscape architect, land use, or transportation firm to design and build a parklet, which will be set up on Saturday, September 17th (Saturday selected since some participants are high school students). A parklet is a temporary recreational space, built in a public parking space. Working with guidance from the consultant, the residents will choose a theme and submit concept for the parklet by August 31st for consideration by AHOC. The opportunity to create a parklet allows the ATLP participants a chance to think about public space, land use, and transportation through one signature event. The day of the event, participants will come together to promote their city and their space. Results of the Park(ing) day event will be highlighted at the October 14th, AHOC-planned Regional Active Transportation Forum (attendance expected at 200 people).

Park(ing) Day Flyer – English

Park(ing) Day Flyer – Spanish

AHOC Partner’s Breakfast: “Hear Our Voices: Connecting Communities to Active Transportation”

Description: The Alliance for a Healthy Orange County would like to invite you to an exclusive leadership breakfast. As part of the AHOC – HEAL Cities Initiative and Active Transportation Leadership Program, AHOC is hosting a convening to highlight and share best practices in Orange County for elected officials, city staff, and partners interested in engagement strategies to build community support, and provide the tools needed to advance active transportation initiatives in your city. The convening will provide successful funding approaches, educational demonstrations on engaging residents in Active Transportation, and ideas to help smaller cities make a big impact.

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Active Transportation Forum: “Connecting People to Place Matters in Orange County” Featuring Key Note Speaker: Daniel S. Iacofano, PhD, FACIP, FASLA

Description: This October AHOC will be hosting an Active Transportation Forum and bringing advocates, practitioners and policy makers to Garden Grove to chart the progress and future of Active Transportation in Orange County.

Orange County Communities are struggling to meet the demands of ever-increasing traffic volumes without harming the urban fabric that made them successful places to begin with. But it doesn’t have to be this way: Streets can once again become thriving, livable environments for people, not just cars. Downtown streets can become cultural destinations, neighborhood streets can become safe play zones for children, and commercial areas can become grand boulevards that welcome all modes of travel. Over the past few years Orange County Cities have made strides in Active Transportation and bringing a more balanced approach to moving people. Hence, how we design and plan our public spaces has a direct impact on the physical, mental, economic and social health of individuals and communities. The decisions that planners and engineers make—about sidewalks, the presence of street trees, walking and biking accessibility, traffic speeds, mixed uses etc.—have a huge influence on how successfully a street can function as a safe, comfortable, inviting, accessible and economically strong place. So Place matters in Orange County and we must look at integrated approaches to planning that will create vibrant local economies and will embrace Active Transportation.

To this end, we’re bringing a national keynote speaker, Daniel S. Iacofano, PhD, FACIP, FASLA who has more than 30 years of experience in urban planning and community design, specifically for downtowns, transit-oriented development, neighborhoods and urban centers.

He is nationally recognized as an expert and innovator in the areas of community participation, consensus building and facilitation. Daniel’s diverse projects have addressed such issues as transportation, housing, economic development, land use and regional growth. Mr. Iacofano was intimately involved in the creation of the Downtown Dallas 360 plan and has worked in a wide range of communities from Downtown Los Angeles and Downtown Denver to Anchorage and Washington, D.C. He is a leader in the national re:Streets effort, exploring the future of streets and what America’s roadways would be like if they were designed for living, instead of just driving.

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About AHOC

The Alliance for a Healthy Orange County (AHOC) is a county-wide collaborative of health care organizations, community-based organizations and universities whose mission is to champion policy strategies and leverage funding opportunities that result in enhanced health outcomes and reduced health disparities for Orange County residents.

One of the goals of AHOC is to bring increased funding for policy, system and environmental change work into Orange County. A key priority has been to bring federal Prevention Fund dollars into Orange County. The prevention fund dollars provide the opportunity to bring programs to scale and support policy and environmental change efforts that would have a lasting impact on the health of Orange County. AHOC provided leadership in bringing together partners that resulted in the awarding of a three year $4.1 million Partnerships to Improve Community Health grant focused on underserved communities in Anaheim, Garden Grove and Santa Ana. AHOC serves as the community collaborative for this grant.

Another important goal of AHOC is to identify and build support for Active Transportation and find sources of funding at the local, state, and federal level for Orange County’s, active transportation projects and programs which promote healthy communities. In the course of these activities, AHOC works with cities to collaborate and coordinate with regional and county organizations, such as OCTA, SCAG and Caltrans. AHOC has been successful in advocating for Active Transportation Coordinators at SCAG and for a Complete Streets Design Manual for Orange County. AHOC has also worked with cities to support successful applications Active Transportation Fund applications, which to date has resulted in over $40 million in funding.

Lastly, AHOC has a multi-year campaign called the Move More Eat Healthy Orange County Campaign. This campaign is a county-wide effort to engage more partners to make a greater commitment to increasing the percentage of healthy weight residents in all populations of Orange County. It builds on the existing Orange County Obesity Prevention Plan by establishing specific partnership criteria for organizations in each sector to commit to. Our goal is to make the Move More, Eat Healthy OC campaign an effective call to action so Orange County can start to bend the curve on obesity. As part of this campaign, AHOC has increased the number of Healthy Eating Active Living Cities in Orange County from one to eleven. This designation acknowledges a city’s commitment to policies which support healthy lifestyles.